Designed and Edited by Lois Emma Harkin
Nowadays Contemporary Art Publication - Technology in Contemporary Practice 

Exploring the influence of technology in contemporary practice.

Nowadays provides an insight into how technology is impacting and influencing contemporary practice. It investigates a range of creative approaches towards working with technology and encourages the rapid advancement in the arts.


From virtual minimalism and the power of our consciousness, value systems to medicine, microbiology, and synthetic biology; Nowadays presents an extensive understanding of concepts embracing technological innovation in the arts.

Technological innovation is maturing, artists are developing, and institutions are advancing. Whilst technology is now 'the norm' for most people, we, the audience, participators, and critics, need to embrace and understand how to encourage it. Technology can provide countless amounts of connectivity, collaboration, and participation for visitors. Virtual reality, augmented reality, interactive spaces, and immersive exhibitions are just a small selection of popular innovations addressing the influence of technology in contemporary practice and exhibition spaces.


With an over simulated generation progressively seeking new directions in each new day, it is up to new innovators to take over and push the boundaries and possibilities in the arts. Technology is not slowing down anytime soon - it is our job not to get lost in the whirlwind of advancements.

Featuring - Connor Clements, Sue Nicholas, Misha Notley, Madeleine Cottle, Anna Dumitriu, Cultural Policy, Thomas Lee Griffiths, Dr. Paul Alexander Stewart, TRANSFER Gallery, ROSY DX, Peter Bonnell, Sève Favre, Lydia Griffiths, Transient, Laura Elsener, Sara Radomirovic, Ryan Peter French, Allison Tanenhaus, Anna Mays