Stay Connected & Dovetail Joints 

Virtual Exhibition Collaboration


Stay Connected and Dovetail Joints are proud  to announce the first collaborative virtual exhibition. Connected by a virtual door, Stay Connected and Dovetail Joints have created a virtual exhibition space exhibiting four artists selected and swapped with each other to curate within their designed spaces.


Better Rearranged

19 Karen Gallery, Australia 


Better Rearranged is a series of paintings exploring characteristics of the 'ordinary' home; unpretentious, warm and domesticated in manner of appearance; plain or ugly. 
Showing the living room is the intention and focal point within the paintings, mainly focused on armchairs and sofas with additional line drawings of extra elements typically considered in a domestic living room.
As well as demonstrating domestic living, colour is another area focused on and considered within this body of work. Cutting down and editing the colours to a minimal palette broadens the understanding of how to use and where to apply colour overall, complementing the composition.

Unchanged, but belong to others

Previously exhibited at Pineapple Black Gallery, Middlesbrough


Practice Waking Alone, You Are Cursed with Monogamy and Nostalgia are a series of three paintings reflecting on the memories of adolescent experiences. All three paintings are subjective to ideas based around lust, substance abuse and monogamy. Unchanged but belong to others, is for the audience to challenge, to take their own experiences and relate them to the paintings in whichever way they want. This practice doesn’t necessarily need a black and white description as they were never made nor conceptualized to be seen as one thing. 

Episodic Location

Previously exhibited at the University of Lincoln


Episodic Location is an artwork that reflects three specific locations in Redcar; Locke park, Redcar beach and Pennine Crescent.  These locations were specifically picked due to the importance they hold in my own childhood, adolescent and adult episodic memory; aiming  to engage the audience and allow them to challenge their perceptions and understandings of locations in an abstracted form.

Episodic Location  fall's under the explanation of enlarging its scope of inquiry into contingent spheres of interest and contingent locations and has a primary distinction to concepts surrounding literal site and functional site. The literal site is in situ; it is an actual location, a singular place and the functional site which may or may not incorporate a physical place.

How We Do It, Virtual Exhibition 

Previously exhibited for my BA(Hons) Fine Art Degree Show, University of Lincoln


‘How We Do’ It is a project that focuses on the issues and identities that surround Redcar and Dormanstown. In an autobiographical and abstracted approach, this body of work, explored through paintings and representational objects, focuses on themes such as social stereotyping, community, crime, drug misuse, and lack of opportunity. This research-based painting practice takes the ‘site’ of Redcar and Dormanstown as its subject.


The body of work creates a window onto this area of the UK, producing an picture of Redcar and Dormanstown, showing both positive and negative aspects.

By engaging with site and collaborative participation, ‘How We Do It’ articulates the relationship between location and events, displaying how the original and fixed properties that make up a location can be challenged and displayed through visual arts.

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