Connectivité- Virtual Exhibition ​

31st May- 26th June 2021

Frances Kay 

FK vs KT: The Showdown

Photography of Live Performance


"FK vs KT: The Showdown, is a piece that explores a devoted relationship, whilst scrutinising the artist’s lifestyle and addiction, through the integration of projection, dance, body art and drag. A funny, lively, but ruthless performance, it pulls from autobiographical material and takes the audience on a journey as the performer tries to understand the battle between her working-class self and her performance artist-self. The performer ‘bares all’ in an attempt to understand who she is, and her behaviour toward society’s limits on identity, background and booze. This piece is bio-queen drag, experimental, and a new genre of work. Exciting, intense and occasionally clashes in on itself, the piece currently explores the integration of body art and drag aesthetics, that I personally characterise as Neo-Drag Performance Art." - Frances Kay 

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