Honor ash is an artist working to examine and deconstruct language, semantics, and form. through a varied practice ash consistently pursues an answer to the question 'what is meaning?' and 'what makes said meaning meaningful?', grappling with themes of power, authority, love, disconnect, and queer alienation. utilising robust explorations of language - written, spoken, and implied - their work aims to generate a coherent whole, all pointing towards one thing; communication and the pursuit of absolute truth. 

OUT/WITH is a 36 page zine exploring liminal space, especially that which occupies high traffic or otherwise usually bustling locales, and that which utilises the architectural language of the manmade. collated in may 2020, OUT/WITH is formed of photographs taken over a span of several years which echo the empty, caught-between feeling of transient and liminal spaces. during the coronavirus pandemic, spaces of transition and travel have been kept further out of reach, with their function and intent rendered impotent. OUT/WITH comes to terms with this liminality, highlighting it and wallowing in it, as an artefact of human disconnect. this piece addresses both the 'fragmentations of the city' and 'what a city looks like to you' briefs, as a series of snapshots of disparate moments which come together to create a coherent whole. it is not a portrait of one city in particular, rather a feeling present across all locales, a universally recognisable energy. images have been taken in Norwich, Great Yarmouth, Dallas (TX), Berlin, and London.