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From Here

Sound (pre-recorded radio show)

INCURSIONS is a collaboration between Archie Smith & Kitty McKay in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, hosting walking events for documenting neoliberal cityscapes to shift dominant narratives of space and place, always in collaboration with others. Since lockdown, we’ve begun producing radio broadcasts exploring the overlapping social histories and personal experiences of pop culture, friendship and community resistance in our cities.

For Inner-City: Out of Place, we are exhibiting a pre-recorded radio show / podcast called FROM HERE which was originally broadcasted live as part of a series in May 2020. The specific episode is #3 in a series of 4 discusses 'counter-narration' as a way to retell fragmented histories in our cities, disrupting dominant, capitalist narratives in order to unearth alternative stories of city dwelling, in turn, reimagine alternative futures.

Exploring the ways in which art practices can construct new futures in our cities and for our communities, this radio show focuses on archiving as a method for holding, preserving and presenting the histories too often forced into forgetting by dominant powers. Featuring a conversation with the filmmakers behind Archive for Change, an archive based in Newcastle's West End, we trace histories of regeneration and dislocation, addressing the importance and complexities of archival practices, especially within contexts of working class liberation, gentrification and regional identity. We share more about our INCURSIONS work as well as tracks and tunes, whilst thinking about the processes of collecting and collaging that we utilise in our practice to disrupt concretised and objective narratives imposed upon communities, space and place.

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