Pictures of the floating world
Digital Collage/ Photography

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"My work consists of digital collages that I create using photographs of my surroundings inspired by Guy Debord’s concept of Psychogeography- that is, the study of how one’s surroundings affects their psychological state. The photos are mainly from my walks around my home in the sprawling urban environment of Manchester; I then cut out various pieces and reconfigure them into huge collages depicting surreal, fantastical scenes.

I love architecture and structure. Often, this is all that is left of previous generations and the ideals they held, and in my most recent works I have been juxtaposing the permeance of stone and structure to the ever evolving nature of the internet; both are extensions of our expression as human beings and a way for us to extend ourselves into more 'immortal' ideas. Therefore, there is no more appropriate space to exhibit my work than in a virtual gallery, as the very nature of my work explores the boundaries between the physical and virtual.

‘Pictures of the floating world’ is inspired by ukiyo drawings of the edo period in japan, which depict scenes of a hedonistic society. The term itself has a double meaning, as it’s homophone ukiyo (憂き世, "sorrowful world") denotes the earthly plane of death and rebirth from which buddhists sought release. Taking photographs of my hometown in manchester i have created fantastical structures. A futuristic, utopian city in the sky. It can morph and transform, like a flying fortress, an impossible kingdom." - Ryan Peter French