Foreign Memories

"I'm frequently thematising urbanity in my work, and the exploration of cityscapes to create new pieces. One of my main strands of work deals with unoccupied or even abandoned buildings in the wake of the social housing crisis and homelessness.

The video work I'm proposing is called 'Foreign Memories' (FullHD 5'21'')
As a series of ongoing short films & images the collection shows facets of adopted anonymous pasts that are rethought, reconsidered, and translated into a framework of personal history.

It features Bristolian movement artist Tim Lytc's attempts of palpating sceneries within the historic Gardiner Haskins building in Bristol which once was a striving 19th century soap factory.

By using methods such as repetitional movement, and symbols referring to the cleansing process in opposition to the processed Charles Kingsley poem "The Bad Squire" (1847) which refers to the punished poachers in times of famine, a juxtaposition between social classes becomes tangible.

With England's streets being roamed by unaided, 'perspectiveless' individuals this bleakness is covered by bold investments into estate redevelopment to establish unaffordable dwellings." -Simone Einfalt