Bus Stop
Photographic Film Music

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"My work is rooted in the view from a bus shelter, the root of my work is photographic and I use the graffiti etched window of the bus shelter as a lens. The initial photographic work depicts that view with a sense of detachment for the viewer from the view and people beyond. A visual metaphor for detachment often felt through anxiety, depression and social disorders. The scratches in the windows of the bus shelter reinforce the detachment by obscuring the view . The scratches are rudimentary expressions of frustration love hate and boredom. to the observer this destruction of property is socially unacceptable regardless o f the motivation of the unknown protagonists.

Please find the short piece of film that captured part of my exhibition BuStopia. There was a fashion based show that tells a simple story of empowerment. The models starting point is within a maze of suspended perspex windows that are like the bus shelter windows. the windows are graffitied and the models have a projection of film on to them made up of some graffitied windows images that I enhanced the colours of. The models pace up and down in an anxious state . These images are in a loop and the models are drowning in the projection. There is a point where the models move through the maze remove their outer white garments to reveal the graffiti is now on their clothing they have taken control and feel empowered and greater self esteem, they then procced across a traditional catwalk." - Stephen Calcutt