Connectivité- Virtual Exhibition ​

31st May- 26th June 2021

Amy Heald

The Shades Hotel - Church Street View

Oil Paint on Canvas

213.36 x 182.88 cm

In Amy's work, she looks at depicting representations of urban architecture in the form of local public houses. she is interested in this, and her paintings are a way for her to understand more about the structure. The idea of public houses, in general, dates back centuries, and it has always been a representation of social life. Today, many pubs are occupied by buildings with very effective working uses dating back to the industrial era. Amy's interest stems from the idea of this working structure centuries later becoming a social structure. In doing this, its identity and significance of its use during that working era can become lost. All people recognise is the social use of the building. This is one of the critical drives for her work. 

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