Connectivité- Virtual Exhibition ​

31st May- 26th June 2021

Dalibor Dado Cetkovic 

Deep forest

Acrylic and oil on canvas

120 x 80 cm

"The works of the academic painter Dalibor Dado Cetkovic reaffirm the truth that hide in the being of every great and sincere artist: "The image of the world offered by the eye is not the image of the world revealed by the spirit". The eye is focused on the game of appearance while the sight of the spirit is all in the esoteric and the metaphysical. In Dalibor Cetkovic paintings, the border lines, if they exist at all, do not divide and separate the fields of the palette, but make peace, unify with benevolent spirits, and by themselves, connect the sides which, by chance, form a separate whole. The borders in Dalibor are seams, not cracks. By connecting tonal differences, they keep versatility together and keep the game of paraesthetics in play. It is as if this focused creator is telling us that only in transcending the sensory boundaries can we reach the binary passion, the fiery red and emerald green star Antares, of which he is an envoy on a taut canvas.

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